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Shenzhen City Rotary Electronic Co., Ltd. professional production, marketing, research and development of various types of precision industrial slip ring products. The main products are: electric slip rings, fiber optic slip rings, fluid slip rings. That is, two or more relative rotational movement of electrical equipment interoperability power, signal, light, gas, liquid of electrical devices. Our slip ring products are widely used in electrical systems into smart rotating equipment, such as high speed dome cameras, medical equipment, chemical reactor equipment, lifting gear CNC equipment, CNC machining equipment, wind power generation equipment, intelligent appliances, Optical communications equipment, wire stranding equipment, robotics, robotic arm, the revolving door, model aircraft, aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, machinery, packaging machinery ... >> more

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Solid round 008 Signal series slip ring
Solid round 012-06Signal series slip ring
Solid round 015-24 Signal series slip ring
Solid round 022-36 Signal series slip ring
Solid round 035-100 Signal series slip ring
Solid round 012-2way10A series slip ring
Solid round 012-3way10A series slip ring
Hole round 009 signal series slip ring
Empty round 012 strong current slip ring
Hole round 025 strong current slip ring
Hole round 038 strong current slip ring
Hole round 050 strong current slip ring
ntelligent high-speed ball monitor industry
Precision smart-ball, unmanned aircraft monitor su……
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Wind turbine industry
Small wind turbines, large wind turbines, wind and……
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